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Ria Having Fun Every Day

No more adoption drives for Ria lately, although I still haven’t decided I’m going to adopt her myself! There have just been other dogs that more urgently needed help.

Ria is so full of joy and life; her big grin and wagging tail would make anyone’s day. I took her out to the park a couple weeks ago even though it has a “no dogs” sign. There was no one there and she had an amazing time.

She doesn’t mind baths; afterwards, she gets zoomies and rolls around on everything. Here she is, happy after drying herself on the couch!

The coffee table is one of her favorite places, either to sleep by herself or with Patches or Penny. Then she’ll sit up and take a flying leap on top of me!

She’s still a bit shy with strangers. Whenever anyone comes to the house, she’ll bark like crazy, but now she does it with a smile, and she will pause if she gets a treat. Anyone who gives her treats will eventually become a friend.

I’m happy to have her here with me until she finds a perfect home, and if she never does, maybe she’ll just stay with me. Malaysia is such a depressing place for dogs in general. Sometimes I think I should just take my four dogs (yes, I’m counting Ria as mine!) and three cats and go to the US. But I still have one foster dog and three foster cats that I need to find homes for, so I probably won’t do that anytime soon.

3 thoughts on “Ria Having Fun Every Day”

  1. OH my gosh she really is the best dog! She looks so happy and at home with you. I know you want her to find a home if the right one comes up but she sure looks like she found it.

    I really admire you for working with the rescue groups in Malaysia. I always get so down on the US pet overpopulation situation (it’s bad here!) and then I hear about other countries and realize we are not nearly as bad as other places. Thank DOG for awesome people like you working to enlighten folks about animals and the kind of lives they deserve. You are making a difference there!

    I posted Ria on social the other day, hopefully you might get some interest!

  2. I’ve been a lottle behind kn catching up with RIA, beautiful, sweet Ria.
    These pictures are as cute as can ve. So funny that she uses the table for a sleeping pad amd a place to jump off from to get in bed with you!
    This girl is being treated like a Queen….as it should be!

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