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Ria’s Road to Recovery

With proper pain medication and the tick fever treatment, Ria’s personality began to shine. She wagged her tail enthusiastically whenever she saw me, and she was happy for Patches, my cat who passionately loves all dogs, to playfully bat at her and cuddle up next to the playpen.

I still kept her in the playpen most of the time because while my dogs are very friendly, they can be a bit over-enthusiastic. She was active even the playpen, and about a week post-surgery, I noticed she was developing a bulge near her incision. Thanks to Tripawds again, I recognized it was probably a seroma. I contacted my vet and sent them photos, and they said it did look like a seroma, and to just monitor it and put hot compresses on it 2-3 times a day. Within a week, it had gotten back to normal.

After two weeks, she managed to climb out of the playpen herself, so I decided it was fine for her to be out and only go in for feedings and to sleep at night. My dogs got along well with her and were gentle for the most part.

Around this time, I had another surprise guest, a dog who looked like a pet followed me home from a run, went right into the house and made herself at home (turn out to be abandoned and has since been adopted)! I was worried about Ria since this dog was not so friendly with my dogs, but Ria and the walk-in were okay.

At three weeks post-surgery, Ria had another blood test which was normal, and she had her stitches removed! Of course, I’d said I would only foster her for 2-3 weeks, but her rescuers didn’t seem to be too interested in her, and I wanted to be sure she was safe. Keeping her permanently isn’t an option, but at least I wanted her to have her best chance at a good life.

Happy dog in a cone

2 thoughts on “Ria’s Road to Recovery”

  1. Look at you bounce back! WOW! After all you’ve been through and you are showing signs that nothing will slow you down. We are so excited for your future, and will do whatever we can to help you find a home as good as your foster mama’s.

  2. Yes, RIA looks so mich better than that very first picture you posted.
    I love that she and the “walk in” got along. Pretty sure they both know how lucky they are to be “found” by you.
    Thank you soooo mich for all uou are doing to help Ria heal emotionally and physically. Hopefully she will find her furever home with someone as caring as you.
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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